Space Truckin’

Hi again! Having a bit of a rock feast tonight, having dug out a couple of my classic albums from the 70’s. First one to hit the turntable was Deep Purple’s “In Concert”, a two disc compilation of BBC live sessions recorded in 1970 and 1972. Second up was Ritchie Blackmore (the band’s guitarist) with his solo project “Rainbow”, released in 1975.

Definitely ones for the guitar connoisseurs I think, so having not played the guitar I’m probably not appreciating the artistry involved. Still a good listen though, and doing so reminded me of my time at university, as my flat mate Mark was heavily into Deep Purple. I would often hear “Space Truckin'” blasting out in the evening, when he got back from his lectures. Didn’t do him any harm though, as he was probably the most intelligent guy I’ve ever met, getting a PhD and going on to do well in Computer Science and having his own Wikipedia entry. He was a decent musician too.

I need to try and get my kids a bit more into playing a musical instrument, that’s if I can drag them away from playing Fortnite…

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