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Cleaning records

Hello again! I’ve managed to drag myself away from the footy to do some cleaning. I hate to list dirty records, so my Knosti Disco-Antistat machine is getting plenty of use. I’d certainly recommend it, if you have a few dirty records that need a new lease of life. The older version is selling on Amazon for just over £40 I believe, although there is a newer version for about £65 that has a crank for spinning the records. I tend to get the cleaning fluid off ebay, as there’s cheaper options than the Knosti one.  Only snag is you start feeling a bit dizzy after an hour or so, as it is powerful stuff!

I’m going through a large box of house / techno / garage tunes from the mid 1990’s at the moment, so will hopefully find a few bangers in there. I’ve also got some easy listening / classical / jazz / country stuff as well, which I need to load up and give them a go. Not really my cup of tea, more for the old man, but you never know..

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