Rock ‘n Roll

Dug out a couple of rock ‘n roll box sets from the late 70’s / early 80’s today which are in very good condition and both the same colour! An ELO – “Three Light Years” special edition containing three LP’s (On The Third Day, Eldorado, Face The Music) plus an invitation to join their fan club for £2.50 a year – might cost a bit more to join that now, if it’s still running. I had a copy of an ELO EP 7″ single so I included that too.

Also loaded an original limited edition copy of a Status Quo “From The Makers Of…” Compilation of 3 LP’s. It’s more of a tin set than a box set really, as the records come in a round blue metal tin, and includes two albums containing 20 of their top 20 singles of the time and a third LP recording of a live concert at the NEC.

They are up for sale today so click on the images above if you are interested.

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