Back in the House

Getting back into the swing of things, after a busy summer. I’m getting more enquiries from discogs now, so the cooler evenings seem to be encouraging everybody to retreat indoors and listen to more vinyl.

There’s an interesting documentary on BBC4 at the moment about the rave scene, “Can You Feel It – How Dance Music Conquered the World”. Well worth a watch, as it brought back some good memories for me. Some talented guys on there too – Frankie Knuckles, Gerald, Juan Atkins, Reese, MayDay, Moby, Pete Tong…   Interesting history of Earl Young’s beat, four-on-the-floor, from the early 70’s, which inspired Disco and later the electronic scene. It also raised the importance of radio on the music scene at the time, from The Electrifying Mojo to the mass burning at the Disco Demolition Rally in Chicago. Modern radio seems rather dull in comparison, although more acts seem to come from reality TV shows these days, such as X Factor, than anywhere else.

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