11 Million Releases on Discogs

Had a message recently that Discogs now have over 11 million releases on their database, and it’s growing rapidly. Mine is also growing too, although not quite as fast as theirs. I’ve added the odd release to their database too, so like to do my bit. It’s impressive how the whole site came together, all from a passion for music and collecting stuff. There is debate as to whether MP3 files should be included, as after all anybody can put together a basic tune on their PC and submit it. If your track has been listed on sites, such as Spotify or Bandcamp, then I do not see it being a problem. Long may it continue! Busy digging out some 7″ singles, as I have been concentrating on 12″‘s and LP’s mostly, but at least they are quicker to load up. Enjoy the tunes!

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