Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update: 28/04/20: There may be delays in parcels being received, so please be patient! Parcels within the UK are arriving, but may take a bit longer to be delivered than usual. I am currently only sending orders of a higher value and those outside of the UK on a trackable service.

I am also completing a stock take, as it’s been awhile and I want to make sure my gradings are up to scratch. I will be adding lots more records over the coming days, once I have checked them over.

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Digging out some 80’s Gold

Spandau Ballet
Picked up some Spandau Ballet albums the other day, which are all in decent condition. Brings back a few memories from the 80’s, and a lot of their tracks stand the test of time. I can see why Gary Kemp may have had the hump though, as he wrote most of the tracks! I’ve got a couple of singles too, so please check out my Discogs page for more. Edit: most are sold now, hopefully I’ll get some more copies soon!

Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Burnin'

Just loading a few more tunes tonight, including a 12″ from Daft Punk – Burnin’. It’s in great shape too! Check it out on my discogs page here.

I’ve also got a copy of ‘Christmas’ by Richard Clayderman on my desk, but there are limits as to what records I’m willing to play, especially in mid June!

Ed: Sorry, both now sold!

Chikyu-u Records

Taking a break from the turntable today and have been listening to some excellent, groovy house music on Bandcamp. Don’t know much about this label, other than they are based in Switzerland, but they are producing some great stuff at the moment. No vinyl unfortunately, but if they do release some I’m certainly going to be interested. Might be one for keepers this time. Tracks I’ve been listening to are Unknown Artist – Untitled 02, and a track called Maboroshi on Unknown Artist – Unknown 04. Really fancy some sushi now…

Unknown Artist - Untitled 02

11 Million Releases on Discogs

Had a message recently that Discogs now have over 11 million releases on their database, and it’s growing rapidly. Mine is also growing too, although not quite as fast as theirs. I’ve added the odd release to their database too, so like to do my bit. It’s impressive how the whole site came together, all from a passion for music and collecting stuff. There is debate as to whether MP3 files should be included, as after all anybody can put together a basic tune on their PC and submit it. If your track has been listed on sites, such as Spotify or Bandcamp, then I do not see it being a problem. Long may it continue! Busy digging out some 7″ singles, as I have been concentrating on 12″‘s and LP’s mostly, but at least they are quicker to load up. Enjoy the tunes!

Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in Dec 18

It’s been a while since I have posted, but I have been busy cleaning my records and getting them ready for uploading. Still got plenty to do.. Anyway, just had a browse through the top 30 records sold on Discogs in Dec 18. Lots of the usual names in there, such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Joy Division, plus some other more obscure ones. Good to see that the database is still growing steadily, and vinyl sales are ticking over nicely.

It was also good to see that the music store HMV have been saved and will be apparently taken over by Sunrise Records. The new owners seem keen to increase the amount of vinyl in the shops, which sounds like a good thing. I have fond memories of my time at University browsing the rows of vinyl in my local HMV. Long may it survive…