Time for Tapes

I’ve added a few cassette tapes up for sale, that I purchased in the early 1990’s. Two of these are by Aphex Twin and are great examples of his early pioneering work. There’s also a fine Detroit collection of techno tunes, plus albums from UK techno pioneers 808 State and ambient DJ’s Salt Tank. It brought back a few memories from the rave scene back in the 1990’s listening to these! All quality stuff, which you can currently find up for sale on my eBay page.

Latest Addition

Digging through a box of 78’s the other day and found a nice copy of a Lale Andersen record, called Lied Eines Jungen Wachtpostens (Lili Marlen) dating back to the 1940’s. Lili Marlen (also known as “Lili Marleen”) is a German love song which became popular throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, among both Axis and Allied troops, during World War II. It was first recorded by Lale Andersen in 1939 and I believe my Shellac copy dates back to 1941. It was later recorded by Marlene Dietrich in 1944 and became a massive success. I’ve loaded it up on auction at eBay tonight and it’s already attracting interest, so it will be interesting to see how things go over the next few days.

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update: 28/04/20: There may be delays in parcels being received, so please be patient! Parcels within the UK are arriving, but may take a bit longer to be delivered than usual. I am currently only sending orders of a higher value and those outside of the UK on a trackable service.

I am also completing a stock take, as it’s been awhile and I want to make sure my gradings are up to scratch. I will be adding lots more records over the coming days, once I have checked them over.

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Digging out the 78’s

I’ve spent a bit of time lately loading on some old 78’s that I’ve recently come across. I don’t normally bother with these, but there’s an interesting mix I believe, so I thought I’d give it a go. I do not have a way of play testing them unfortunately, but most look in good condition. Artists include Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Vaughan, Gracie Fields, Max Bygraves, Perry Como, Ruby Murray, Teresa Brewer, and the Teddy Bears. If you are interested in this type of thing, please click here

Digging out some 80’s Gold

Spandau Ballet
Picked up some Spandau Ballet albums the other day, which are all in decent condition. Brings back a few memories from the 80’s, and a lot of their tracks stand the test of time. I can see why Gary Kemp may have had the hump though, as he wrote most of the tracks! I’ve got a couple of singles too, so please check out my Discogs page for more. Edit: most are sold now, hopefully I’ll get some more copies soon!